Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms and Conditions of Sale


The “Company” – A2B Stairlifts SL
The “Client” – person purchasing any goods from the “Company”
The “Manufacturer” – Company who have manufactured the goods supplied to the “Client” by the “Company”


Upon payment of the deposit or upon receipt of an order, either verbal or written, these terms and conditions together shall be deemed as accepted by both parties i.e. the Client and the Company and shall not be varied or added to unless agreed to in writing by us.

Delivery time

Delivery times quoted are from receipt of deposit/order or where specified from final approval of drawing. We, the Company shall not be liable for any delays due to lack of availability of labour, materials or matters beyond our control.

Exclusion of liabilities

Under no circumstances shall we, the Company, be liable for consequential damage or loss of any nature caused or contributed to by any defect in the failure (whether partial or complete) of any part, material or design which was not wholly manufactured by the Manufacturer and which the Manufacturer could not reasonably have been expected to both inspect and exhaustively test. We, the Company shall not be responsible after delivery for damage to material supplied or to work completed by us, the Company, occasioned by any cause not wholly within our control.


We, the Company, are necessarily involved in costs in obtaining you, the Client’s, order and surveying your dwelling and further costs from the time that you, the Client, place your order. If you, the Client, cancel your order prior to installation, we, the Company, regret that you, the Client, will become liable to us, the Company, for a cancellation charge as follows:

Up to 5 days after placing order  – 10% of the IVA inclusive cost

After 7 days but prior to the completion of the actual manufacture of the lift – 35% of the IVA inclusive cost

After completion of manufacture, but prior to shipping 60% – of the IVA inclusive cost


Please note that the title in the goods the subject matter of this sale/sales does not pass to the Client from us the Company until the goods have been paid for in full. We, the Company, reserve the right to remove the goods at our discretion upon failure of the Client to pay whatever outstanding balance remains unpaid after the specified payment time. The Client will become liable for all labour costs of removal of goods together with the cost of wear, and depreciation.


Nothing in this agreement will operate to reduce or take away your statutory right.

Updated:  25th September 2020